Rhinoplasty In Ohio

Rhinoplasty In Ohio

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What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose job, is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. People seek rhinoplasty surgery for several reasons, including health, reconstruction or cosmetic purposes. For some people, it is carried out to improve their overall appearance, eliminate aging signs, and make one’s face equally symmetrical.

A cosmetic nose job may be appropriate for people who lack confidence in their appearance and want to improve their image. Other patients seek a rhinoplasty in Ohio in order to correct deformities caused by injury or trauma. People with breathing or snoring problems can seek to have a nose job to correct the problem.

If you are seeking a rhinoplasty in Ohio, it’s very important that you understand what it entails. Your plastic surgeon will explain the medical details, but essentially a nose job can be carried out to increase or decrease your nose size, alter the shape of your nasal bridge, make the nostrils openings narrower, alter the angle between the upper lip and the nose, or correct injuries and birth defects.

If you are planning to have a nose job, especially for cosmetic reasons, then it’s important to wait until your nasal bone stops growing. Most plastic surgeons will not perform rhinoplasty on juveniles, because the characteristics you would like to change are inherited and they develop during your teenage years. Therefore you need to wait until your nose finishes growing.

The nose job procedure is unique to your specific needs, anatomy, and reasons for getting it done. It could be done through an external incision between the nostrils or at the nose base, or done inside the nose. The surgeon may readjust or augment the cartilage or bone beneath the skin depending on the needs, structure and the available materials and instruments. Depending on whether the changes are minor or large, the surgeon may harvest cartilage from other parts of the body, such as deeper parts of the nose and ears, ribs, implants or bones from other body parts.

What to expect during the procedure

A nose job may be carried out through local or general anesthesia. In a local anesthesia with sedation, only a part of the body is numbed. If you’re getting your rhinoplasty in Ohio, this is the preferred technique for minor surgeries. This is for outpatients, where they are injected with a pain numbing medicine into the nasal tissues and sedated with a medication through an intravenous line, making them woozy but not fully asleep.

In a general anesthesia, you inhale anesthetic through the IV line. This takes you to a state of total unconsciousness temporarily, and affects the entire body. You will require a breathing tube if you undergo this kind of anesthesia. After numbing, you may undergo one of the following techniques depending on your needs:

Open surgery: In this procedure, the surgeon makes an incision from inside and goes ahead to make incision in the cartilage to separate nostrils so as to make it easy to reach the bone and cartilage to be corrected.

Closed surgery: Just as the case with an open surgery, the incision is done inside the nose, but then the surgeon removes the cartilage outside the nose to reshape it and then returns it back inside. With this procedure, no visible scars are formed, however, one has to ensure that it is carried out by experienced surgeon.

Nasal implant: The implants could be natural bones, synthetic bio-compatible materials or cartilage grafts. They are inserted inside the nose for augmentation of different areas, and this could be done either through closed or open surgery technique.

The operation is followed by inserting dressings in your nostrils for a day or so to ensure that the wall between the air passages remains stable. For a week or so after your rhinoplasty in Ohio, you will have a metallic or plastic splint placed over your nose to ensure that the shape of the nasal bone is maintained. For some few days after the surgery, you may need to stay still or keep your head elevated. You can expect some bruises and swelling for almost two weeks, so you may need some cold compresses or pain killers during this period.

Keep in mind that if you are getting your rhinoplasty in Ohio, your plastic surgeon will explain the procedure in more detail during your consultation meeting. Nothing here is medical advice, just a general overview of the procedure. When you get your rhinoplasty in Ohio, make sure to choose a plastic surgeon who can answer your questions. To find a good plastic surgeon for your nose job, please refer to the contact information shown above or in the sidebar, or click the link at the top of the page to the city that’s closest to you.